Jure Mestek, March 30, 2017 :: Proximity Marketing

The World of BLE Beacons and Location-Based Services

With the rapid expanse of IoT, Bluetooth is once again in the spotlight in the form of BLE Beacons. Experience show that unique problems require unique approaches. The drive for digital transformation of industries and businesses is growing rapidly. Digitalisation creates new possibilities but it also faces us with new challenges. One way to address this challenges is to better understand our customers, their habits, and demands. Now we finally have the right set of technologies to achieve that in real time and space.

Currently working on ...

Triglav VR

Our new project is a step into VR. We believe many companies will find VR as a good way to show customers and clients their story. And for achieving best experience they will seek unique content…

Exploring algorithms

Computer Vision

Computer vision is the new best thing, which is already slowly changing the landscape of digital marketing with new possibilities on the horizon. In the not too distant future, the augmented reality is going to become a new playground for brand recognition: from imprinting the brands on customers’ minds to making a new viral video.

Building a great story


Social media is evolving. First, there was just a platform, now it gained a cause. Mugosurf is a beautiful story about a new value that is growing in social media as we speak − caring. This mobile application addresses surfer enthusiasts who would like to discover everything a spot has to offer: the location of that yoga class all the babes are talking about, the best place to polish the surf board to perfection, or the local events one would otherwise miss.

Testing new approaches


Stretching our minds to new limits gave us an idea to make an incredible cocktail with a pinch of IT, discovery, and happiness. The fact that small businesses will have to dedicate more time and resources to build mobile into their marketing gave us food for thought about how one can create an offer that adds value on different levels.