VR Triglav Experience

We asked ourselves: how can we make this year memorable by doing something that has not been done before and have fun while doing it? VR experience on Triglav, of course.
Mount Triglav has a very special place in the hearts and minds of Slovenian people. It is a symbol of being a Slovene. As the highest peak of our country and it is sometimes even referred to as “ the father” (očak). There is a saying that goes “You are not a proper Slovene unless and until you have climbed to the top of Mt. Triglav. “ Unfortunately, not all people are able to climb a 2864 meters mountain peak. Some are too old, some are disabled, some are too young and many are just too lazy. Thus the idea to bring the mountain to the people. To do that, we needed the right equipment and the right professional climber to actually go up there in extreme conditions and record it all. Our friend Mitja Šorn, a highly experienced mountain guide and rescue professional happened to be just that.