Renault Game

Marketing agency Publicis has entrusted us with creating game where the players race a track in the shape of 2009 with Renault cars. The game was made as an interactive greeting card with the title “Renault wishes you a playful New Year 2009. Start it today.”
Publicis agency prepared the excellent graphic elements for the game and the website, while we took the wheel in the programming department to conquer all the bends of 2009.
The players drove the cars with the help of one button and had to be careful of their speed in the bends as the frozen track could quickly throw them off track. The player who was fastest in completing three laps was the winner.
Three Renault models were available, each with its own individual specifics: Clio RS, Megane Coupé, and Laguna Coupé. The players could also invite their friends to race them. We'd love to hear about your next project.