Social media is evolving. First, there was just a platform, now there is also a cause. Mugosurf application is about caring and sharing. Not just between friends but also between the community that shares the same passion.
Designed for surfer enthusiasts with a Mugosurf application you can discover everything a spot has to offer.
It is introducing real-time communication on the spot, enabling the energy of the spot to spread around. Also to those who are currently not at the spot, but wish they were.
Find the location of that yoga class all the babes are talking about. Find the best place to polish your surf board to perfection. Or find the local events you would otherwise miss.
Mugosurf application is running on IOS and HTML5 and R&D took more than 2 years with many surf trips, which revealed what the surfer community really desires.
We'd love to hear about your next project.