Strategy / Creative / Design / Web & mobile app 
The application has an educational function, as it helps children to learn a safer route to school, get to know traffic regulations, rules, and traffic culture. The objectives of this app are to ensure a better transparency of safe route plans and to find new ways to include children into traffic. The Lilly&Val app connects children, parents, schools, municipality, and local environment.
School routes have always been part of everyday life of children. Using modern methods, we can inspect more secure routes, mark them, digitize them, and transfer them to the application. This allows parents and children to have a better overview of traffic when they arrive and leave the school. At the same time, all Slovene municipalities and the AVP - Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency were included in the project. The mobile application has got an online version where we can easily look through the computer, where are the safe routes and how children can escape the more dangerous parts of the route.
We have developed all the elements of the application including icons and illustrations of boys and girls.
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