Heineken campaign "Živi z mestom" - Shape Your City

Heineken's »Shape Your City« campaign is a global call to inspire the urban dwellers to take action and redefine the concept of city landscape. We rose to the challenge.
We designed the "SHAPE YOUR CITY" campaign, which was a mix of reality in the digital space. The idea was to develop an application where users measured the cycling kilometers and then added to the total number. Thousands of riders were cycling for a common goal of 10,000 kilometers. The goal was exceeded even before the end of the campaign, so we set a new goal of 20,000 kilometers and we've surpassed it also before the end of the campaign. It was great to see how well the campaign was accepted among the people.
The application was designed and developed for iOS and Android users and got on top of Slovenia charts in the app stores.
In addition to the classic registration, the application has enabled the application via Facebook account. One click + hop on the bike = kilometers began to collect.
During the entire campaign, Heineken placed pop-up bars in the center of Ljubljana, where passers-by helped accumulate kilometers on a specially-adapted Heineken bike and were therefore rewarded with practical prizes.
The campaign was present in Ljubljana with City Lights all over the city. We also placed a strong social campaign to encourage riders to jump on board and start collecting kilometers.
Last 5 kilometers were driven among the thousands of people at the concert of electronic music "KURZSCHUSS" at the exhibition center in Ljubljana and completed the whole campaign. Thanks to all the participants and Heineken for a great experience.