Argeta Game

We are in 2009 when we made many more developments with Adobe Flash technology. At that time, there were popular games and interactive banners. In collaboration with Publicis agency, we have developed an online game for Argeta brand by Droga Kolinska. The purpose of the game was to zigzag through busy city streets and fill hungry bellies with delicious Argeta pâté sandwiches as fast as you could.
The delightful concept and all graphical elements of the online game came from the innovative Publicis agency. With their support, we have developed a programme with a content management system to realise the game and record results.
The game was fun, but it also required concentration and strategic decisions to leave nobody hungry on your shift. Food delivery isn’t easy when you got a city filled with craving stomachs!
The design of all elements of the game from Publicis was already very complete and modern. We were happy to create and make one of the best games at that time.
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